Q, What extras do I need with my cast iron radiators?

cast iron radiator valvesIn addition to your cast iron radiators, you will need a radiator valve to regulate the water going through your radiator. Radiator Valves are available as manual or thermostatic version - both of which we have in stock. Generally we recommend using a thermostatic radiator valve as this will protect your cast iron radiator at very low temperatures.

Furthermore, it is essential that you also purchase a wall stay to tie the cast iron radiator into the wall. Cast iron radiators are very heavy and whilst it is extremely unlikely that they will be pulled over, it is not impossible.

You may also purchase a pipe shroud and luxury bleed valve for the finishing touch. Pipe shrouds are purely cosmetic, but they can cover any untidy pipework or make the pipework appear to match the cast iron radiator. On luxury bleed valves, all our cast iron radiators are delivered with a standard bleed valve. However, we have a range of traditional Victorian styled bleed valves which you can upgrade to for an additional £5 per bleed valve.

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