Bare Metal Cast Iron Radiators

Bare Metal 4 Column Cast Iron RadiatorsAll of our cast iron radiators are pressure tested as individual sections as soon as they come out of the foundry. We are the only company in the United Kingdom to offer bare metal cast iron radiators - pictured on the right - for those who have the facilities to finish your cast iron radiators yourself.

Bare metal cast iron radiators are tested as individual sections but not as radiators. You will need to sand blast these sections. As the UKs largest manufacturer of cast iron radiators we have our own on site sand blasting facilities. Sand blasting takes off any impurities from the surface of the bare metal and allows you to apply primer to the cast iron radiator sections.

Bare Metal Parisian Cast Iron RadiatorsOnce the sections are painted in the appropriate primer, they can be assembled and sealed with the correct Gaskets. We have our own patent pending gaskets which we have developed in association with gasket industry experts. Gaskets are available cheaply and easily online, however, you shoudl exercise great care in selecting gasket materials - we can supply gaskets at extra cost. Our skilled engineers assemble cast iron radiators using specialised tools and on specially developed workbenches - designed for the purpose of assembling cast iron radiators.

Once you have an assembled cast iron radiator that has been painted with primer. Your cast iron radiators can be painted. Painting cast iron radiators requires great skill and our skilled painters are able to do this with specially developed trolleys operating in one of our 4 professional fan assisted paint booths at our North Yorkshire factory. 

Some companies simply 'dip' their cast iron radiators, this doesn't give as good a finish as painting cast iron radiators professionally and will inevitably lead to runs on the cast iron radiators. Some cast iron radiators are much more difficult to paint than others. Under no circumstances should you attempt to paint a full cast iron radiator with a paint brush unless it is just a touch up of small areas.

Bare Metal Art Nouveau Cast Iron RadiatorsBare metal castings are available to those that believe they have the appropriate finishing equipment. Alternatively, for a small extra charge we can finish your cast iron radiators.

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