About CastIronRadiators.com

Cast Iron Radiators Giant Spanners
CastIronRadiators.com have been restoring and retailing traditional radiators for over 15 years. Over this period, we have manufactured thousands of cast iron radiators which are now in place all over the world.

We do all our own assembly at our factory in Yorkshire where we started restoring cast iron radiators over 15 years ago during this period we worked with some of the worlds biiggest foundries to develop an inspirational range of Cast Iron Radiators - at the right price - from original Victorian Cast Iron Radiator sections. We paint, polish, highlight finish, pressure test and much more ourselves, in house. Therefore we can offer what we believe to be the best prices without any comprimise at all on Quality.

Cast Iron Radiators End Caps and GasketsCastIronRadiators.com is where our most popular designs can be found, we also have a wider range and a range of restored originals at our North Yorkshire factory - the factory of its kind in the UK.

Cast Iron Radiators in Old Penny ready for DispatchToday, we assemble tens of thousands of Cast Iron Radiators and ship them to satisfied customers all over the world. We have partnerships in Germany, France, Italy and North America. Where ever you are based and whatever your requirements, CastIronRadiators.com can fulfil your radiator requirements and deliver beautiful cast iron radiators that will give you satisfaction for years to come.

Call us on 03333 448 447 if you have any qustions.